Covenant Partnership Request Procedures

"There are several ways to become a Covenant Partner of the Church of the Living God, Inc. and to become a member of our West Coast Denomination. Please review the options below and contact us where indicated."  ~ Maggie Campbell, Pastor.

Church Affliation

Pastor Maggie Campbell

The Annual Women's Conference
Covenant Partnership

To affiliate with the Church of the Living God, Inc. One or more of the following must apply:


  1. Your church must be in existence already.

  2. Your existing Church beliefs and values must line up with ours.

  3. Upon graduation from the Women in Ministry Leadership Training Program and ordained, your affiliation application must be approved.

  4. Your church leaders must meet with Pastor Maggie Campbell in person in a meeting so that Bishop Campbell may review your Bylaws, organization's current set up and accounting records to ensure that you are operating in accordance with the laws in your State and City and in good and proper order.

  5. Your church must be willing to Tithe to the Church of the Living God.

  • Upon approval of your affiliation application, your church will undergo a re-organization where needed, your departments will be fine-tuned and any other appropriate steps as deemed appropriate by Pastor Maggie Campbell, your Overseer - to bring your church into compliance in accordance with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. Once this is complete, you will receive your Affiliation Certification and may add CLG [Church of the Living God at the end of your church name. [Example:  Agape Community Church. Your new name would be, Agape, Church of the Living God or Agape, CLG]


If this information describes what you are seeking to achieve, click on the Donate button below and process a donation for your one-time application fee donation in the amount of 300.00 to get the process started.


  • There are 3 fees associated with this process: The application fee, The Church review visit fee [one-time fee] and the ongoing tithe.

  • Upon pre-approval, you will receive a date of when Bishop Maggie [Fluker] Campbell will visit your church with an invoice based on the distance of your church from the San Diego, CA. These costs must be advanced before arrival is confirmed.  All of which will be explained to you in your application packet.

  • If your church is a location outside a 30-mile radius of San Diego, California, you must add mileage and hotel reservations at a safe and comfortable hotel in your area where Bishop Campbell and her traveling associate will stay while you are re-organizing your Church.


An Affliation Application will be emailed or mailed to you. Complete this application and return it right away to receive an appointment with Pastor Maggie Campbell.



The Annual Women's Conference allows Churches and Ministries to become Covenant Partners on an Annual Basis or on a one-time basis. It is a 3-Day Conference. The New Partner may partner with us on any aspect of the Conference. Once approved, the Women's Conference will become one of the largest fundraisers for your Church or Ministry.


Covenant Partnership Requirements include:

  1. You must be an existing Church or Ministry with the proper tax exempt or Non-Profit documents.

  2. You must have experience in the area you choose to partner with us on or be willing to learn.

  3. You must have a team from your church or ministry that will handle the duties and responsibilities with you.

  4. You must complete an application. Upon pre-approval of your application, Pastor Maggie Campbell will meet with your team to discuss the area[s] you seek to partner with us on.  Upon approval, you will receive your confirmation certification and be allowed to begin your planning and training.

Example: If you would like to partner with us during Praise and Worship, your team will be responsible for planning that segment, confirming singers, musicians and other items associated with this partnership.


Another Example: If your interest is in hosting a Seminar, your team will be responsible for gathering your literature, securing your speakers and inviting and securing your attendees.


If you are interested, click on the donate button below to process your Application donation of $300.00. Once you have been pre-approved, a meeting will be scheduled with your team and Pastor Maggie Campbell.  Upon full approval, no other partners will be assigned your areas, unless you wish to share. Your application packet will answer many of your questions.

Special Events
Covenant Partnership

The Church of the Living God have several Special Events. One of our Annual Favorites is the Annual Christmas Ball. The details and procedures to confirm your partnership are the same as those mentioned above for the Annual Women's Conference.

Women in Ministry Leadership Training Institute

This is a group of the programs designed to teach and equip women in ministry leadership the skills they need to succeed in ministry.

As a Covenant Partner, your primary concerns include making sure that the training institute has what it needs to continue with its mission as outlined above. This is not a fundraising opportunity, but an investment opportunity where you will receive a 100% tax deduction for income tax purposes.


As a Covenant Partner, you are in agreement with and support Women in Ministry Leadership.


Upon your decision to partner with Women in Ministry Leadership Training, you, process a donation of a minimum of 1,500 or more based on the level of support below. A Confirmation Packet will be forwarded to you.