Select this option if you seek to ​in-depth knowledge of the Bible from Genesis to the Book of  Revelations. 
This Program is comprised of 30 lessons. 

All Fees and Donations are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Doctor of Biblical Studies

SKU: Biblical2015
  • Books and Materials: $250.00

    Ordination Robe: $115.95

    Ordination Administrative Fees: $95.00

    Application Fees and Entry Exam: $65.00

    All donation, tuition and fees are non refundable.

  • Reasons to Enroll:

    If you have never studied the Bible from Genesis to Revelations, this is the program for you.

    If it is your goal to teach in-depth Bible Study classes to adults, you must have a strong understanding and be able to interpret the scriptures properly. You must be able to answer questions and have a strong study habit ethic. If this describes you, then this program will be great for you.

    This is not a self paced program. It is on a strict study schedule. Be sure to make your schedule more flexible before you enroll.