Select this option if you seek to open a new church or ministry and/or to reorganize your current church.

Most Popular Program - Fills up Quickly!  This is the most often requested honorary degree. It is held by many people around the world. Includes an introduction to the principles and procedures of the Church.  Your degree will be awarded to you during the Ordination Ceremony.

Doctor of Divinity

SKU: Divinity2015
  • Reasons to enroll:

    This program is ideal for women in leadership currently within a church of ministry or women who are being promoted into this role.

    It is fast pace. The teachings, instruction and externship get right to the point and will prepare women in ministry leader to succeed in ministry leadership.

    This program will prepare women to preach in a church environment, to open a new church or ministry, to take charge of an existing church, ministry or to lead women and teen girls in the women's department in an existing church.

    You will be licensed and ordained upon successful graduation from the programs.  You may use your credentials while working in partnership with an existing church, denomination or ministry, or remain independent and open a church or ministry.

  • Items not included in the tuition fees:

    1.  Books and Materials:  $150.00

    2.  Ordination Robes:  $115.95

    3.  Ordination Administrative Fees:  $95.00

    4.  Application / Entry Exam Fees:  $65.00

    5.  Field Trips: Optional - Announced on the 1st Day of Class