This partnership is ideal for NEW businesses that formed with 1 year or is currently forming. The California Christian Chamber of Commerce is here to help your business. Share your upcoming goals and dreams; we're here to help you. Some of the seminars and workshops offered by the CA-CCC that will assist new / start up businesses with skills and tips on how to  set up a business properly and legally. Once the business have been opened for a full calendar year, the CA-CCC no longer considered the business as a new start up business. Partners will be required to renew by selecting another Partnership level.

Start Up Partnership

  • All funds received for partnership and other products and or services offered by the California Christian Chamber of Commerce is received as donations and are non refundable. No exceptions.

  • Partnership Confirmation is subject to policies and procedures of the CA-CCC and approval by the Director of Recruitment and / or the President of the Christian Chamber of Commerce.