Give in accordance with what you have if you choose to go beyond the Tithe into upper range giving.


For example using the chart above:  Using $1,000 dollars per week as your earnings. If you wish to go below the regular tithe and give in accordance with what you have to Middle Range Giving, find 1,000 on the far left column and then slide over 7, 8th or 9th column under either 6%, 5%, or 4% if you choose 6% your tithe at this time would be $60 dollars per week.  If you do not want to go below the Tithe at this time, your regular Tithe will be $100 dollars per week.  If you decided to go above the regular tithe to 12% or 15% you weekly Tithe would be $120 or $150 per week.

Tithing Establishes
the Law  

Tithing after the law
does not do away with
the law, but establishes it.

Are you honestly
blessed to where you
can give generously
on every occasion? Or
are you like so many
that can't give the way
they would like to be able to?

Most Christians are
looking for the truth,
so they can be set
free. Just because
you're a child of God,
does not mean you are
a "mature" child of God.